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     Here you can find all the information to book your wedding date and I will tell you WHAT I will give you, HOW I work, and HOW MUCH will cost you to have me as your wedding photographer.

     I am based in Malaga (Spain) and available for destination weddings worldwide. I have covered a wide variety of cultural weddings and locations in 14 countries such as United States, Italy, Dominican Republic, France, Morocco, Germany, Colombia, Portugal, Mexico and Canada to name a few. And of course I also work throughout the Spanish territory (Andalusia, Madrid, BarcelonaGalicia, Cantabria, Canarias, Castilla la Mancha, Extremadura, Asturias,…)…). As you can see, it doesn’t matter where you get married, the distance will never be a problem for me. I would love to be part of your wedding day adventure. 




     I always pay attention to the smallest details in order to provide the best quality photography; giving each moment and photography the importance it deserves, keeping in mind each photograph and making each album unique.

     The wedding photo album that I will give you has got the top of the line materials. The album cover is made of linen, 30 × 30 cm. The layout is simple and elegant, with a style that never gets old. The album contains 30 sheets (60 individual pages) where I will include over 100 photos that you will have previously chosen. You will get a draft of the album in case you want to change something before sending it to print.



     But before the wedding album you will receive a minimum of 700 processed digital photos in both color and black & white, high resolution and fully printable with no watermark, so you can share your photos with your family and friends. You will have your photos within 30 days after the wedding.

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     As you can see, my approach to photographing your wedding is to let your day unfold around me, I rarely use posed photography unless you ask me for it. I think the photographer has to feel as a guest in order to capture real emotions and unique moments as the cheeky glint in your eyes when you first see each other, the nerves, the laughter, and every single second of fun. So I always try to do it so confidently. I will try to feel part of your family while I capture the touching moments of you getting dressed at home, and I will even enjoy a drink at the end of the day while I take photos of you having fun with your friends. I’d love to be able to tell your wedding day story from the outside in; to make your images reflect not only what it looked like to be there, but more importantly, what it felt like.

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     On your wedding day, first I usually go to the place where the groom gets dressed, I have a coffee with him while I capture what goes on around me. I just need 30 minutes with him, then I go to the bride’s place, due to the schedule I will need more time with her, regarding make up, hairdresser, the dress and all the important details around her.


     I will be with you for the WHOLE day which means that I will not leave until you tell me to do so. My work start from the moment you both get ready, the ceremony (countryside,hotel, church, beach, ), the banquet, first dance, surprises, speeches, photo call and of course until the party is over, if you want.


     I will not leave you half an hour after the first dance. I think one of the best moments of the wedding comes right after all that. The couple usually gets more relaxed when the party starts; family and friends loose up their ties and take out their shoes, these are cool moments that I don’t want to lose so you can also remind them.

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     The pre wedding and post wedding shoot is a present that I offer as long as they are taken during a working day or a day before or after the wedding. It is the best way to get to know you in order to make you comfortable in front of me and my camera and so the wedding day everything will come up natural and perfect. I live in Málaga but if you want we can go to any other special place for this kind of wedding shoot. During these years, I have been pre wedding and post wedding to Florence (Italy), Paris (France), Tangier (Morocco), Lanzarote (Spain), Montreal (Canada), Lisbon (Portugal), New Orleans (United States), etc… Feel free to visit me as many times you want and whenever you like in order to take your wedding shoots and discover this wonderful city by the Mediterranean Sea. However, I can also go to your place or if you want me to travel with you to your favorite city, it is up to you, I will be glad to do it. I love traveling!


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           AN ADVICE:

     This is just a piece of advice; IT IS YOUR WEDDING! So plan the wedding that you both would like, do not pay attention to your family or friends comments. IT IS YOUR UNFORGETTABLE DAY and you have to enjoy it as you prefer.

     And there is something else I would like to tell you from my experience. Consider choosing an illuminated and spacious place for the preparation stage, apart from getting better photos, you will feel comfortable to dress up and do the make up.


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             WEDDING PRICING:

     The price refers to the value that I have given to a series of details like the quality of my photos, the time spent and the material.

     I only offer a package, which includes:

  • THE PRE WEDDING AND POST WEDDING SHOOT (100 digital high quality photos in both color and black & white for every different shoot),
  • THE WEDDING DAY, I will spend all day with you. No time limit.
  • DELIVERY OF 700 DIGITAL HIGH QUALITY PHOTOS in both color and black & white (a minimum of 1400 photos in total).

      To be able to make a budget according to the characteristics of your wedding, (not all are equal by time, distance, etc …) you can write me an email to the address “”, and will not take more than 24 hours to answer you.



     As there are couples who don’t want the photo album, I have included it as an extra. The ALBUM price is 300 $,. Please remember that you will choose the photos of the album (about 100 photos or more as we can always add extra pages)


     In addition, I will give you a special present on your wedding day: I will project a short video with some pictures from the Pre wedding and Wedding day. You will see your husband or wife getting dressed, those special moments at the ceremony, the arrival at the cocktail, etc. Believe me, it will be one of the most unforgettable moments of the day. I usually project the video just after your first dance, this is possible because I create it during the dinner. I just ask you to check the place for the banquet has a video projector.


     You will wear the wedding dress just once and then you will keep it on your wardrobe. You will not remember the name nor the model of wedding car after a few years. The wedding ring or the banquet, to name a few, are just material things. Memories are not forever, they fade. And I am in charge of that, I will give you something that will last forever: THE MEMORIES OF YOUR WEDDING that will make colors and details come to you mind every time you see the photos.

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    If you get married in another city, you will have to add the cost of my trip and the accommodation to the normal price. I leave in your hands the means of transport and the place to sleep. It can be a hotel, your house or even a friend’s. You decide it!

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     If you want to book your wedding date, or ask me some information, do not hesitate to contact me by email “solobodasespeciales@felixfaura.comor by a phone call/ watsupp message +34 674-919-587. I will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also visit my webpage: ( and check on my CALENDAR (2017 Y 2018) if I am available for your wedding day.

     Your wedding date will be booked right after we have signed the contract and once the advance payment is done. The calendar 2017 and 2018 is now available. I recommend you to book as soon as possible as dates are being booked with a year and half in advance.

     Of course, feel free to ask me any question about the planning of your wedding, I will be glad to give you any advice you may need whereas I am the photographer of your wedding or not.

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     And please, go ahead and take a look at the rest of my web site. Recent galleries, my BIOGRAPHY or my BLOG are waiting for you, where you will know me better and will see different shoots around the world.

     Best wishes.

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